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Wanted to share a few exciting happenings with everyone:

Just participated in the 33rd Annual 2019 Artful Women Exhibition/SALE 

at UW Hospital Skylight Gallery in Madison,WI  from Nov 2-Dec 7. 

The show benefited Wisconsin Women's Network.

So pleased to receive Honorable Mention Award for "It's a Magical Place":

"The artwork is rich in surface, gesture, and textures that move your eye around the picture plan in a satisfying journey. Some of the shapes seem almost nature-like, others are made by scrafrito scratches in the surface revealing mysterious possibilities in the colors underneath.  Marks are made with courage and confidence, that create a complexity in the contrast of color, shapes and surface that seem to imply a narrative that I may discover if I stay with it long enough.  It is an artwork that draws you to it again and again."     Award comments from Juror and Artist Helen Klebesadel

To kick off 2020 I will have a Solo Exhibition, "Celebration of Shapes and Color", 

at Prairie Cafe in Middleton, WI during the entire months of January and February.  

Three rooms full of abstract and traditional paintings!

In Madison I have work available at The Stone Fence on Atwood Avenue.  

Thanks Mia for your steadfast support of local artists.  

Traveling south for warmer weather? 

Check out my work at Fern and Dina's Gallery and Gifts in Fernandina Beach, Florida

As the Holiday season begins I am always mindful of all that is gift- famiiy, friendships, our furry companions, laughter, encouragements, food to eat and a roof over our heads.  

Peace and all good~

Visit the Gallery and take a peek at new available work.

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