About the Artist


Artist Statement

After rediscovering the passion I had for painting in my teens, I've returned mid-life to the joyful process of art making.  Oil, mixed media and pastel painting allow me to interact with the medium and subject via texture, color, brushwork and mark-making.  The landscape, especially that of Door County, rural scenes, and places I have traveled tend to be my sources of inspiration-be it abstract or realistic.

While not holding an art degree, I have been fortunate to take classes and workshops with the late Tom Murphy, Kathy Esch, James Scherbarth, Shelby Keefe. Pamela Caughey, Mark Russell, Dawn Whitelaw, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Carol Strock Wasson as well as Art2Life online instruction with Nicholas Wilton and Team.

Art is life and life is Art.  My hope in my art-making is to create work that feels authentic and life-giving.  My motto is "Art for Everyone", reflecting a desire that art be accessible to all.